Beli Pinot Aurelia Kelenc


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Wine region: Prekmurje

Vintage: 2019

Variety: 100% pinot blanc

Maturation: in oak barrels


SORT: Pinot blanc






Product description

A rich light yellow wine. Fruit first on the nose; quince, yellow apple, then white flowers and finally honey, nuts. In the mouth there is a continuation of aromas, freshness, playfulness, it develops beautifully, rich. It charms us with its soft oily texture, pleasant acidity and incredible fruitiness.
The homeland of Pinot Blanc is the French region of Alsace. It is a very old variety, it is said that Charlemagne already drank it. Both pinot blanc and pinot gris are actually not separate varieties of pinot, they are an ancient clone based on the color mutation of pinot noir. Over time, however, it developed its characteristic aromas. It is a fairly widespread variety in Europe, from which all types of wines can be produced.

Harvesting is earlier, as the vine is very similar to early Chardonnay. It is washed by hand, the bunches are picked, then gently pressed. Yeast is added to the must for better fermentation. This takes place at 18°C. During the entire fermentation, make sure that everything is going correctly by constantly tasting and measuring the sugar. After fermentation, it is left to rest on fine lees, where a biological fermentation is made. This wine is nicely rounded into harmony and together with the fruitiness becomes a wonderful wine. It matures in oak, then goes into the bottle and is immediately suitable for consumption. It can age, but not too long.

This line includes elegant white wines that are real giants on a global scale: Chardonnay, Rhenish Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. Aurelija is a female name derived from the Latin word Aurelius. It can also be a male name and comes from the word Aureus, which is Latin for gold. Our wines in this line are connected with this, which are golden yellow in color and of noble varieties.

Pairing with food: with fish specialties and seafood, with light meat dishes, roasts and various sauces, and salads. It goes well with various noble cheeses and dry meats. I would also drink it with lemon or orange desserts.