Dark Wood nobis Q Kelenc


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Wine region: Prekmurje

Vintage: 2021

Variety: 70% blaufränkisch, 30% pinot noir

Maceration: 10 days

Maturation: 6 months in oak wood, then continues in the bottle


SORT: Blaufränkisch, Pinot Noir






Product description

Beautiful dark red color of the wine, which consists of 70% Blaufränkisch and 30% Pinot Noir. It is aged for 6 months in oak barrique barrels. It is a medium barrique, with a gentle woody note, complemented by vanilla and a beautiful wine flower after red fruits, and a hint of chocolate note. The taste is full, warm with nicely integrated tannins. A true gem for lovers of dry red wines.

An exceptional combination of two excellent red varieties, which offer excellent wines on their own. They also show their full size as united in a bottle and do not mix, but play the quiet music of nature. Frankincense dominates, fruity and full-bodied, we can detect the smell of ripe cherries. It is complemented by Pinot Noir with an exceptional aroma of red fruits such as blackberries and raspberries. It adds elegance to the body. The woody note completes everything, as if that was the only thing missing. Modra Francinja is a wonderful indigenous wine that can really stand alongside the world’s best varieties. With its medicinal touch, fruity note and full body, Franc is the backbone of this cuvee. Pinot Noir, more than any other wine, is experienced sensually. The sensuality comes from extremely soft, silky textures and aromatics. It adds sophistication to our wine with elegant fruit aromas and a velvety taste.

The grapes for both are harvested at full maturity. Watch out for impurities, as fermentation takes place with grape berries. Hence the beautiful color of the wine and the gentle tannins. Fermentation takes place at 18 to 20°C and takes place separately. Yeasts are added for better process flow and better wine structure. After almost complete fermentation, which lasts about 10 days, the grapes are pressed and continued in stainless steel containers, where they are left to age on fine lees and on bilogous acid. The partially clarified wine is placed in wood and matures for at least 6 months. The continuation of the trail in the bottle; a few months of lying down and we can open it or wait another year, two, three… your choice.

It presents our two special cuvee wines, the white Light wood and the red Dark wood, which are made up of several varieties. The word nobis represents us, like a cellar and is Latin for we, and the letter Q represents the word quercus, which is Latin for oak. Therefore, we have combined with oak a selected wine that matures in oak barrique barrels, which contributes to a special smell and taste.

Pairing with food: in combination with game, beef, lamb, smoked meat and cheese, with cured meat dishes, various mature cheeses, spicy goulash and mushroom dishes. It is ideal for a bogrács.