Harfa Crystal Decanter


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Rogaška Harfa decanter. The modern way to decanter your red wine. This crystalline does not contain lead. Decanter is the perfect accent and conversation piece to your table. Sommelier approved with the perfect air flow for your wine.


Hight: 410 mm

Weight: 1390 g

Packaging dimensions: 120 x 250 x 460 mm

Product description

Steklarna (Glassworks) Rogaška d.d. is one of the leading producers of crystal ware in the world and the Rogaška trademark is at the highest level in terms of price, quality and design innovation in its branch of industry. Steklarna Rogaška draws its rich knowledge of designing and making crystal ware from almost 350 years of tradition in the area of Trebuša, Pohorje and Kozjansko where the so-called forest glass huts could be found.