Rebula Benedetič


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Wine region: Goriška brda

Vintage: 2020

Variety: 100% ribolla gialla

Maturation: steel tanks, 8 months


SORT: Ribolla Gialla






Product description

Boris’s tip: queen of white wines in goriška brda. Smooth and fruity white wine with nice apple aroma. Chicken salad or sea food. Sometimes is so light that you don’t need food.

Wine colour is golden yellow with greenish hues. The nose is reminiscent of different flowers and fruits. In the wine you will find green apple, lemon, perhaps even cedar and grapefruit. We have to underline also the freshness and minerality of Rebula, which gives to the wine a pleasant sense of salinity, reflecting terroir, typical for flysch soils.

“Mysterious, vivacious and unforgettable”

Rebula is a local variety that found special place also in our vineyards and cellar. Wines made of Rebula grapes were mentioned already in the 14 th century to be crafted in the region of Brda. The variety remained present in Vipolze for centuries. Several biotypes of Rebula exists nowadays in Brda, however we have decided to produce so called “yellow” Rebula, known to our Italian neighbours as Ribolla gialla. Rebula wines from Vipolze are wines of a terroir, characteristic and distinguishable.

From centuries of experiences we learned that the best Rebula grapes can be grown only on limestone and flysch in terraced vineyards on hill slopes. The variety is easily distinguished by large, light green leaf, one to three lobbed with short teeth. Towards the end of ripening season leaves became yellow, due to the deficiency of magnesium and iron.

Bunch is long, medium sized and compact. Berry is medium large, round and yellow.

We harvest our Rebula late in autumn for grapes to get more sun. Harvesting fully ripe golden grapes, produces nice, round, complex wine.

Also our farm is Home of Rebula.

Do not miss to try our fresh Rebula with well prepared and light vegetable dishes; we suggest grilled vegetables, vegetable minestrone, risotto, pasta and gnocchi, seafood, fish, chicken and young cheese!

Do not forget to serve our Rebula at temperatures between 8 and 10 ° C.