Red Velvet Colnar


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Wine region: Dolenjska

Vintage: 2022

Variety: 100% velvet black

Maceration: 3 days in innox

Maturation: 1 year in innox


SORT: Velvet Black




VOLUME: 0,75 L


Product description

Boris’s tip: One of the best stories in the world and top 3 wines for summer from whole online shop. Wine made from the oldest grape in the world called Black Velvet. Do I have to write more.

Wine made from Žametna črnina, the oldest vine in the world, which grows in Maribor (recorded in the Guinness Book of Records), is truly special. This fresh and dry wine boasts a beautiful reddish color that attracts the eye. Nevertheless, it has a low alcohol content and is extremely drinkable.

The specialty of this wine is also reflected in its aroma and smell. At the first smell, you are overwhelmed by the smell of forest fruits, which takes you to nature and conjures a feeling of freshness. This scent also continues in the taste of the wine, where delicate notes of forest fruits can be detected, which are beautifully interwoven with fruity freshness and mild acidity. All these characteristics combine to create an extremely pleasant and balanced wine that is truly worth discovering. Wine from Žametna črnina offers you the opportunity to taste history and tradition and indulge in the pleasures offered by this wonderful grape variety. With its freshness and dryness, it is an excellent choice for all lovers of quality wines.

Black velvet is 440 years old grape and it is still alive, it means we still produce wine from this grape and because of this fact you can read in guinness book of record we have the oldest vine in the world in Slovenia. In some countries they produced wines a few thousands years ago but not from same grapes like today, because grapes died because of floods, wars and diseseas. Our Black Velvet vine did not die and we are very happy and proud on this plant.