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“…God save this divine land, I thought, in your hands are the peace and happiness of this lovely landscape.

You marked it with beauty and settled good people in it…”

They are the thoughts of Archduke John, grandson of Empress Maria Theresa, which he wrote in his diary in 1811 and show his special inclination towards nature, the landscape, their beauty and their fruits. He also expressed this love on the property on “Prinčev vrh” above Limbuš, today called Meranovo. We are proud of our nearly two-hundred-year tradition of developing viticulture and producing top-quality wines, and we have already received many prestigious awards for our wines.

Today, here we continue the tradition of viticulture and winemaking within the estate, which is managed by the University Agricultural Center of the Faculty of Agriculture and Biosystem Sciences. We grow, care for and market a wide selection of high-quality and premium wines in these rugged areas of the Pohor region, which are given a special note by the Pohor region’s forests. All wines are produced according to the latest guidelines of modern production and are sold under the Meranovo brand. They have already received numerous recognitions and awards. Today, Meranovo is a center for research in viticulture and winemaking. Of particular note is the gene bank, which contains more than 400 varieties of different vines.