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Our story Vipava Valley is an astonishing land offering excellent culinary experiences, exciting adventures, stunning landscape and, of course, unforgettable wine tastings. Wine cellar Pregeljc is located in the heart of picturesque village Slap, which is renowned after winemaking. Generations of our ancestors had been living hand in hand with nature and gained respect and love for it throughout decades, so it became an important part of us.

Under a very old house, in which we still live, there is a rocky wine cellar, also built by our forefathers, who have been filling it not only with stories of success and happiness, but also disappointment for decades. In 1990s a fresh married couple, Igor and Tatjana, decided to dedicate their life to winemaking. In the following years they planted, rebuilt and bought few vineyards so that our story of wine can still be in the making.

Winemaking is not just an everyday job, but it is effort, which pays off in the autumn, when we can pour ourselves a glass of new wine. Harvest is a hard work, but after it is finished, the work in the wine cellar begins. It demands absolute concentration and devotion, let alone a touch of an art. While producing wine in a modern way, we also try to follow the knowledge of the old generation. Something for everybody In our wine cellar we store both, red and white wines.

The process of making wine starts early in the spring, when we start to prune the vines, and ends in September, when we harvest our whole year’s effort. Throughout the year, it is necessarily to dedicate enough time to each plant and have enough knowledge to produce wine that can be presented with pride. However, we live under the blue sky and our final product also depends on the nature’s favour. Therefore, we change the offer of our wines each year, but we, despite that, have a wide range of products constantly.