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Farm Kristančič is a family farm that has been engaged in viticulture and winemaking for decades. At first, the small farm, which provided only a poor livelihood for one person, grew and expanded over the years, and today it is one of the most recognizable and largest family vineyards and wine farms in Slovenia. The KRISTANČIČ winery is located in the heart of Medana, surrounded by vineyards on the Slovenian and Italian sides of the border. They believe that listening to nature and carefully following the cycle of life, which surprises again and again, is the key to the excellence of wines. The peacock spreading its colorful tail is an imprint of the beauty of nature and illustrates the richness of aromas and flavors captured in Kristančič wines.

Commitment to nature

We believe that the key to producing excellent wines is to very carefully, almost obsessively observe the nature and to follow the cycle of life that never ceases to amaze us. This is our only guideline, our roadmap on which we boldly drew the course we believe in.

Our wines are the fruit of a lifetime of experience

Our wines are the product of hard work, years of experience and extensive knowledge.
​There are five product lines: Pavó, Kristančič, Cristatus, Curioso in Medana.

While they are very different from each other, they also share the characteristics that make our wines so distinctive. This variety means that we are able to accommodate all enthusiasts, from those just starting out to experienced connoisseurs. All our wines are dry, young and fresh, yet they offer a full, harmonious mouth-feel, with just the right amount of acidity.