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Kobal Trnovec

The beginnings of growing vines on the Kobal farm date back to 1931. At that time, the ancestors, who, like many conscientious Slovenes in the Primorska region, had to leave their home, took root in Trnovec and planted their first vineyard. He reminded them of the home they had to leave and meant a connection with their native Vipava Valley. The love of vines and wine has remained written in the genes and is successfully passed on to the young generations. The Blue Franconian is the flagship of the Kobal farm, a gift of vineyards, tradition and experience. In her search for the best that earth, location, and man can create, she has proven to be an absolute winner. The Kobals dedicate themselves to it, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, where it always surprises and inspires.