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Steras in Slovenian language means “from terraces”, because most of its vineyards lay on well thought terraces positioned at the best suited locations which were specifically studied for every variety of vine. Dedicated to centuries of Istrian wine making.

Terrace means that the vineyard is located on a hill or better, on a hill. It means that the vineyards are closer to the sun and that we squeeze out of them the precious liquid of grapes, which is the fruit of hard work and sacrificial love. But it all started a little differently. She was a love of the sea and a youth spent while discovering the depths of the Adriatic. Excited about the period of sea wanderings, it passed and a desire for a more peaceful life arose.

Immeasurable passion began to change from a liquid form to a firm but no less love for the earth and its gifts. It started slowly but steadily. First there was the idea and then the smell of the open furrow, which was getting stronger and more attractive. Bojan and Marlena Praprotnik decided in 1975 to buy a piece of land and start farming. They discovered a paradise on earth in Kocina, an area near the village of Šared, and planted their first vineyard and some vegetables.

Bojan believes in Refošk and that is why the first vineyards were planted exclusively with this variety. There were different times… There was a lot of eating, drinking and singing. After five years of farming, it was time to set up the homestead, shovels for its construction were planted in 1980 and half a decade later the young family finally moved from the town to the village. In 1991, the cellar was built, which enables its own wine production, and in 1998 the first stage in the twelve-year renovation of vineyards, in which there is a significant increase in areas planted with vineyards, which this time contain other domestic and international varieties. At the beginning of the millennium, the idea of ​​creating a new brand STeraS was born, which first appears on the labels in 2003. Today we are again renovating vineyards, which will be planted mainly with old, somewhat forgotten Istrian varieties.