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Vipava valley wines with long tradition!
The Jamsek 1887 wine estate can be found in the pretty village of Manče, on the slopes of the sunny Vipava valley, which connects northern Italy with the Central Europe and has the perfect elevation and temperature for wine production. Viticulture and enology have been passed on over several generations on the farm. We are very proud of our antique oak barrel, dating from 1887, which we still use today to mature our wine! The barrel date is the only official record of a long wine-producing tradition here, nevertheless, a local legend confirms that this noble craft has been practiced on the farm for much longer.

Different types of wine
On the Jamsek 1887 Wine Estate, we cultivate 6 hectares of vine, from which we produce 20,000 bottles of different types of wine, depending on the grape and the valley terrain where the vine grows. We also specialize in two lines of top quality still wine. Firstly, fresh white aromatic wines that are very palatable and secondly, wines fermented on lees in oak barrels using the “sur lie” method. At our estate, you can also try a line of sparkling wines produced with the Charmat methodology.

Most awarded regional wines on international wine competition
We are delighted our wines have been recognized and have received many awards in the Slovenian home market over several years, while we have also been successful in international competitions: Decanter, AWC Vienna, Brelin wine trophy, Asian wine trophy etc. We are looking forward to welcoming you here for a tasting!

The grape varieties of the Vipava Valley were first described in 1844 by the priest Matija Vertovec in his expert book on viticulture.

No other wine region boasts as many old indigenous varieties as the Vipava Valley, where this extraordinary heritage is also highly valued. With much love, dedication at Jamsek 1887 wine estate we cultivate the three most known: ZELEN as a still wine, PINELA as a still and sparkling wine, and REBULA as a full bodied maturated wine.

The Vipava Valley wine-growing district is most famous for its white varietals and the quality white blend. At Jamsek 1887 wine estate we produce a house specialty named PREPIH. Prepih is a traditional wine produced with modern technologies. The foremost white in Prepih is Ribolla Gialla whose ancient tradition is also the longest. With the addition of special indigenous white varieties of the Zelen and Pinela wine becomes special and authentic.

#With love to nature
1. investing in biodiversity 2. planting bees friendly plants 3. removing all plastic materials 4. using light weigh glass bottles … Acting environmentally friendly in every step of the wine process!