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Lepa Vida


Roman, Vilma, Irena, Matija, Iza, Vito; three generations combining our work ethic with our craftsmanship and years of  experience in the vineyards, in the cellar, at home and in each bottle of our great wines.

Growing 32, 000 vines on 8 hectares of land spread across 6 different locations. With lots of care and hard work the vines give us grapes for 6 different wines producing  up to 30,000 bottles per year.


Great grapes give you the opportunity to make great wines; the distinct character of each Lepa Vida wine is sure to impress.  Enjoy!


Wine is made of countless pieces. But if only one piece is missing, you will notice it!
Matija Geržina

Since 2012, Irena and Matija slowly fine tuned the focus of the Lepa Vida boutique winery from being an “ordinary” winery towards becoming more and more focused on incoming visitors from all around the World. Nowadays, wine tastings at the Lepa Vida winery are unique experiences, where Irena and Matija (yes, one of them is always leading the wine tasting experience) passionately share the Vipava valley and facts about it with you, their philosophy in vinegrowing and winemaking and of course pour you 5 (or more 🙂 wine samples accompanied with delicious homemade snacks and delicacies.

The most important advantage of being a boutique winery is that you can produce the wines you like to drink as well!

All of our wines were born first as our own idea: What do you think if we had an easy drinking sauvignon?  Or what do you think if we produced a wine the way we did it 50 years ago – and we produced oOo for the first time back in 2011. Each of our wines has its own character, its own story behind it and each one describes a different idea we had in the beginning.