In winegrowing and winemaking, nothing happens overnight. Just as a vine needs a few years to start yielding the best grapes and wine needs time to age in the barrel and later in the bottle, winemakers learn from one harvest to the next. We look for the best terroirs for individual grape varieties, select the most appropriate barrels and work on improving wine cellar techniques and procedures. We have a total of seven hectares of vineyards on different terroirs, but all of them are in hilly areas. Most of the vines are between thirty and fifty years old, their growth is moderate and they produce grapes of exceptional quality. With careful selection and combining of grape varieties, we achieve a wonderful balance between the fullness of the wine’s body and the freshness of its bouquet. REIA wines are contemporary wines, stemming from a rich family winemaking tradition and enriched with new viticulture knowledge. Without using modern technology for oenology or agriculture, nor any human wizardry. Just a little manual help (biodynamic by Demeter) and observation of nature at her magic ancient work.