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Sveti Martin


The heart of the Vipava valley, the soul of the Vipava wine-growing hills. Its dominant location impresses every traveler, the church of St. Martin right at the top of every pilgrim, the well-kept vineyards in its shelter for every wine lover.

Get some fresh air, enjoy the endless view and see for yourself what nature can do on St. Martin…

Tradition… Peter Stegovec was the firt one from the family who bought a property near Sveti Martin around 1880 and started the family tradition of viticulture and winemaking at the current location.

He was a well-informed gentleman who, at the end of the 19th century, already had a license to open a winery in Trieste, which was far away at the time. next in line was his son Franc and grandson Stojan, who, despite ambitious plans, failed to increase the estate, as both died young…


… Stojan’s son Boris, together with his wife Boža, managed to realize his immense love for the land. Over the years, the modest conditions at that time have grown into a family estate, where today the wines of the Stegovec family proudly thrive. And to complete the cycle, Peter Stegovec, son of Boris, representative of the fifth generation of the Stegovecs at St. Martin, is here again today. He puts a lot of emphasis on tradition, and he makes sure that the house name “at Peter’s” will not be lost, because there is already a sixth generation involved in the work on the family estate…


Sveti Martin wines express the uniqueness of the terroir of the Vipava Valley. Our wine cellar offers a wide selection of quality wines, including Rebula, Klarnica, Barbera and Merlot, as well as autochthonous Celeron and Pinela.