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Domačija Lisjak

The family is the foundation on which the Lisjaks have been building and growing for generations, always keeping in mind a clear vision of the future. Boris Lisjak represents the seventh generation of winegrowers and winemakers in the Karst with a capital K. His work is slowly being taken over by the next generation, his son Alen and his daughter Tjaša, while his five granddaughters are already dutifully learning how to take care of the vineyards.

The presence of the family on the terra rossa, red soil, is testified by the inscriptions in the Viennese land register from 1836. The oldest vineyard of the property celebrates its venerable hundredth anniversary in 2015, being one of the oldest in the Karst region. 

Boris Lisjak was one of the first Slovene winemakers who started bottling wine as early as forty years ago. He has broadened his knowledge becoming a sommelier; he is a member of the Order of St. Fortunatus and a first class knight of the Slovene Order of the Knights of Wine. He is also the president of the Consortium of Karst Teran Producers.

At the Lisjak homestead, the winemaking takes place in three cellars. The first one was built by Boris’s father 45 years ago. Today, the wine is bottled, racked and stored there.

With the growth of the company, the need has arisen for an extension, so over twenty years ago, Boris built a new vaulted stone cellar in which the maturation of the wine takes place in big wooden barrels. In 1990, it won the title of the most beautiful winery in Slovenia.

But the heart of the homestead is the old cellar built by Boris’s grandfather in 1887 and renovated in 2012. In it, the vintage wines are stored.