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History / Family

The Kupljen Wine Estate in Jeruzalem- Svetinje, Slovenian Styria, Slovenia, is a traditional family – owned wine – cellar that belongs to Samo Kupljen. Together with wife Lidija, we both continuing and upgrading the family wine tradition, the beginnings of which go back as far as 1836. Samo’s father, Jože Kupljen, was the pioneer of Slovenian privately – owned winegrowing. In 2016 we marked 40th anniversary of the first bottled wines with their own label entering the market back in 1976.

Our wine – estate can be recognized by the yellow Mon Royal castle- like winery, located in the very heart of Prlekija region (in South -Eastern Slovenian), in the midst of the Jeruzalem and Svetinje wine – growing hills, which have been renowned for centuries for their high – quality wines and prestigious sites, perfect for producing premium wines. These are produced »With Sun and Love«, which is also the wine estate’s slogan.


Our 30 hectare estate has 18 hectares of vineyards stretching along the best, carefully selected locations, all south and south-west facing slopes of the Jeruzalem and Svetinje wine growing hills in the north-east of Slovenia – a top-notch wine growing region. Taking into account the region’s microclimate, the best suited varieties of vine were planted in the best locations; our selection includes the most acclaimed European varieties, which these hills and the local wines have been famous for for centuries (at the end of the 19th century, the Jeruzalem–Svetinje pinot blanc was considered Europe’s most esteemed wine).