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The word ” LENDWINES ” is derived from the word Lendava and wine. Several small young winemakers have joined in a common story, whose goal is to preserve smallness, boutique and quality, which is also a key guideline of our viticultural concept. The brand was joint and designed by Simon Vuk, Peter Paller and Bojan Kulčar.

»Nano wineryconcept«, a concept that is unique to our environment due to the small size and limitations of the environment and individual vineyards. As a result, we were forced to merge together and present unique wines, individual winemaker and stories related to it, to winelover swith the joint Lendwines brand. The group of young winemakers strives to raise the wine-growing region to a higher level and show that if you want, everything is possible.

We create a brand where we help each other, produce top quality wines, compete with other winemakers in Slovenia and abroad, and at the same time maintain the boutique production that makes us unique. Along with tradition and modern methods, we produce wine by hand with love and feeling. In total, we produce up to 10,000 bottles a year, where the Welschriesling and Riesling varieties predominate, but we also have a rather rare variety in our country, Kerner and some Chardonnay. We mainly produce dry wines, which best reflect our terroir.

With the desire to draw the most from our terroir, two years ago we also start maceration of white grapes. The line of Oloris wines was created. Simon and Peter started organic grape growing. Oloris is a veryspecial wine with its late harvest, a few months of maceration in kvevr is from Georgia and 3-4 years of aging in wooden barrels. Nothing added, nothing taken away, made with the help of nature, is what reflects this more serious wine in our brand.

Lendava, a small multicultural town over which the steephills of the Lendava hills are located, where the Welschriesling and Riesling varieties predominate, is a very interesting area for tourists, winemakers and others because of the small vineyard plots that the winemaker takes care of in the afternoon.