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The Rebula farm, whose beginnings date back to 1900, began to engage more actively in viticulture and winemaking in 1982. The Garaška blisters on the farm were first given to nonna Antonija and nonna Karla, then to mother Marija and father Karel, parents of children Dušan, Drago (baptized Karol) and Anice, after which the farm was inherited by the eldest child Dušan, who still works the farm together with his wife Vida and children Martina and Roman. The entire estate measures 5.2 hectares, of which the vineyards represent 1.8 hectares, where six thousand canes are planted: 1,500 canes of Malvasia, Vitovska and Rebula and 4,500 canes of Refoška, from which the farm produces its most important crop – teran, followed by the following crops: Malvasia, Vitovska, rose, Br’stovska sparkling wine, Terano liqueur and a number of other top wines that enrich the range of wines of the Rebula farm. The entire viticulture is based on integrated cultivation. drive and joy to continue their successful future.