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At the end of the 1980s, Ivan and Elizabeta Kelhar left the farm and vineyards to the care of their son Marijan and his wife Ana. Marijan decided to focus on winemaking and thus created the Keltis brand, under which in 1989 he bottled the first wines and entered the market as a boutique winemaker. In the 1990s, their sons Luka and Miha were born, the latter of whom eventually took over the leading role in the wine cellar. His first very own wine was Cuvée Extrême 2009, which took the excellent 2nd place at the festival of orange wines in Vienna.

Organic wine producer Keltis produces only up to 20,000 bottles of wine a year on 5 hectares of vineyards, which places them among boutique organic winemakers. All of their wines are produced in an organic and biodynamic way, which is certainly one of the main reasons for the unique play of flavors hidden in each of their bottles.

Vines grow on plots with very different soil composition. Marl, sandstone with quartz binder, limestone and clay predominate. Such diverse plots in wines bring beautiful acids as well as complexity. They have about 4,500 vines planted per hectare. The educational form is a single guyot. Vineyards count on average about 20 years. The vineyards have an organic certificate, and the Kelhar approach to work is much stricter than required by the regulation on organic farming and cellaring. Miha is seriously flirting with biodynamics, but he is tackling it gradually.