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Lavrenčič Wine Estate

Our estate stands in gorgeus village named Duplje, 4 km out of Vipava town and right under old Lanthieri hunting manor at Zemono hill (now Dvorec Zemono – Gostilna pri Lojzetu). So here we stand. Through time we have grown strong roots in area full of history, art, stories and after all beautifull area full of great wine. We have a lot to tell you, so visit us and allow us to introduce you our stroy and lead you through the valley.

Welcome to the land of wind and wine.

We are a family estate from the Vipava Valley, which defines itself as oriented towards the production of wines in the classic French style: structured wines, mature wines, higher alcohols, neutral aromatics (old wine world). We grow sauvignon, pinot gris, merlot, cabernet sauvignon varieties. In addition to the aforementioned, we always maintain the tradition of the family estate with rebula, which is produced in two variants, as a fresh line and rebula with extended maceration (rebula classic).