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The beginning of production is unknown, it goes far back in history. Wine production has been practiced for generations. They say that wine is not made, but produced. So it’s still true: “Add as little as possible and take as little as possible.”

Our vineyards are well-groomed, we do not use herbicides, 100% grassed. We say to ourselves, “that we do not make wine” so it is important to us that the grapes are only from their vineyards which are 7ha. We all manage our vineyards, father Stojan and sons Davorin and Klemen. Somehow father takes care of the vineyards, and the sons everything  from the cellar onwards. Otherwise, they all do everything because you have to know all the steps of the path from the preparation of vineyards to the sale of wines.

Wines, divided into two lines

  • Classic wines: grapes from their own vineyards, hand-picked, controlled fermentation, matured in stainless steel, filtered and bottled. Emphasis on the primary aroma of a fuller body and up to at least 5 years.
  • Matured wines: grapes from own vineyards, very low load, hand harrow, spontaneous fermentation, matured in wood for about 2-3 years, not filtered, bottle. Full mineral wines for at least 10 years.