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Domačija Bizjak

Homestead Bizjak is located in the east of Goriška brda at the foot of Sabotin at an altitude of 260 meters. Extremely steep, sunny locations, marl soil, the influences of the Adriatic Sea and the Julian Alps and the work of diligent hands give the wine and fruit produced here a special stamp. The beginnings date back to 1988, when Vojko Bizjak decided to stay at home on the farm and continue the tradition of his parents. Originally a modest estate, it grew slowly with persistent work and the increase of plantations and vineyards. Due to the increase in yield, in 1998 – exactly after a decade of effort – the construction of a new modern cellar began, which now ensures quality wine and juice production. Today, the whole family lives and works on the Bizjak farm – owner Vojko, his wife Patricija and sons Jakob and Gregor.