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You will find the Benčina farm in the clustered village of Lože in the upper Vipava valley. The pleasant village is worth a visit. Any visitor will easily find that everything in the village revolves around wine.

In the small village of Lože, where wine and honey are poured, we find a humble man with a great mind. Dušan Benčina took over the farm as a young man and started viticulture. His motivation was the production of top quality wine in which one feels diligent hands and sun-drenched vines with each sip. By cultivating the vineyards on 11 ha, we sincerely make sure that the vines have ideal conditions for grape ripening. With advanced technology and aesthetic arrangement of vineyards and cellars, it is clear that wine is a value in the Benčina family.

There are 2/3 of white vine varieties in the vineyards, most of which are Sauvignon, followed by yellow Muscat, Chardonnay and Green, and among the reds are Pinot Noir, Barbera, Refošk, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Each variety is vinified separately, also according to their location. The flagship horses of red wines are Pinot Noir and Opus bonum. The wines achieve excellent results on both foreign and domestic soil. (Wine Slovenia – Gornja Radgona, Decanter-London, Vienna…)