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Patrick Simčič

We are a small family who follows its dreams and lives in harmony with nature. Doing what gives us joy is the key to our delicious wines. We live in a small village Biljana which was once the capital of the Goriška Brda. Our estate is located at the highest point of the village, at 165.4 meters above sea level. The view from our hill takes you from the Julian Alps all the way to the sea. We own 11 hectares of vineyards up to the age of 40, which are located in our home area of Biljana. For every vine sort, we have a special location, because every sort needs its special part in the vineyard. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful area which offers us warmth from the sea, freshness from the mountains, and minerality in the wine because of our special soil opoka (marl). We cultivate our vineyards mostly manually, especially during the grape harvest. We are aware that we have chosen the hardest way. However, we think there is no machine that could substitute human hands.

Our beginnings do not go far in the past. My hardworking father Radovan and his persistent wife Anita accompanied by my grandfather Vladimir and grandmother Zmaga who still help us with work and suggestions were the ones who laid the foundation. We could say we lead a family business because each of us plays an important role in managing our estate. Four years ago I decided to bring our trade to another level. My father left me the work in the wine cellar where I started producing our first bottles of wine. Since then we have already won 5 awards, 2 gold ones from America and 1 silver from London (Moja Rebula Selection) and 1 silver as well as 1 gold one from Slovenia. This confirms that we are on the right path and I am very proud of that.

My philosophy is to make tasty fruity wine full of harmony, which encourages you to drink another glass right after your first one. The important thing for me is to distinguish wines from each other because every sort emphasizes its originality. We have 3 lines: Classic line (Rebula, Sauvignonasse, Cabernet Sauvignon), Special Line (Sophia, Ideja), Selection (Moja Rebula Selection / orange wine). All of our wines are fermented in concrete tanks. This process gives the wine more fullness and also the temperature remains stable which is very important in the fermentation period.