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Selected locations

The Erzetič estate is comprised of several vineyards, each with their own strengths and characteristics given by nature. The winemaker has the opportunity to seek out the most appropriate location for each wine variety. The wind blowing atop of the hill is not the same as the one in the valley, and the sun exposure for south facing vineyards verses southwest facing vineyards bring opportunity and challenge. For some vines a windy hillside proves to be the most suitable location, while others prefer the quiet and an early afternoon nap. The family jewel is the vineyard at an altitude of 300 meters; considered one of the highest vineyards and probably one of the most beautiful vineyards in all of Brda.

Natural winemaking

In the Brda region, and especially in our vineyards, there is no room for heavy machinery so harvests are handpicked. Terraces caress the natural lines of the slopes which wind left and right and adjust to the hillside. Our family has decided that we as well will adjust to nature. We advocate natural, ecologic winemaking and we are in the process of certifying by acquiring a certificate for ecologic wine production.

With Ribolla to life

The Yellow Ribolla, also known as Ribolla Gialla, has long been a variety which bears the flag of the wine-growing Brda region, while the Ribolla Nera, also known as Pokalca was almost forgotten. The Erzetič winery is the first in Brda to offer both varieties. Each has exceptional characteristics that enable a winemaker to use them as a base for sparkling wines, for fresh still wines, for longer aging of wines in barrels and also for aging in amphorae (immense clay vessels). Ribolla is a wine of a thousand friendly faces…