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Attachment to the hometown, love for the land and dedication to work encourage the Hrvatin family to preserve the tradition of producing noble, high-quality wines. The smaller estate, which Aleš and his family have been cultivating since he was twenty, covers just under three hectares of vineyards and olive groves in Smarje nad Koprom.

The Istrian wine-growing area, which rises in the hinterland of Koper with the sprawling ridges of the Šavrinski hills at an altitude of just under three hundred meters, has for thousands of years offered exceptional natural features that shape the rich wine-growing tradition of this place. Here, the sun caresses the vines all year round, the mistral gently cools them on hot summer days, the light nighttime humidity refreshes them, and the bora strengthens them. The unevenly distributed rainfall of the Mediterranean climate, the flysch soil with a mixture of stones and clay, which retain sufficient moisture in the substrate even on hot summer days, provide ideal conditions for the cultivation of the original local varieties of Malvasia, Refoška and Muscat.