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The story of Frelih winemakers began in 1892, when Jožef Frelih near Šentrupert bought a dilapidated old vineyard and devoted himself to it with love and viticultural knowledge, which he brought with him from his native Vipava.

His work was continued with no less enthusiasm by his son Josip, followed by Josip’s son Peter. Today, the Frelih winery is widely recognized for its premium still wines and sparkling wines, and it is run by two Veronikas: the wife of the late Petar Frelih and their daughter.

Wine cellar Frelih is located in the upper Sava wine-growing region. Sunny location, quality soil and suitable climate are most important for the growth of traditional vines for growing cviček. 

For decades, the tradition of “WINE HOUSE” has been the growth of grapes and the production of wines of the best quality. The love and passion for winemaking, which has been passed down for several generations, gave birth to the idea for Cviček od fare, which was first presented by Josip Frelih more than three decades ago. With it, cviček, a hitherto neglected Slovenian wine specialty, finally gained the prestige and reputation that this pleasant and refreshing wine deserves. It was the first cviček registered and awarded at the Decanter wine competition, The specialties of the “WINE HOUSE” are sparkling wines made by the traditional method, younger wines and wines matured in oak barrels.