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ATIMO brand was born from love to wine and passion for special moments …

Filip Koletnik follows a simple philosophy: He believes that the best things are natural. To him, the grape is perfect in itself and contains everything necessary for a good and full-bodied wine. Therefore, he wishes to influence the process of the grape becoming wine to the minimal possible extent.
The result of this idea is a lively, full-bodied wine of a gold yellow colour, with complex aromas, a strong and mineral flavour and long aftertaste.

He is crafting quirky, natural wines from grapes sourced from the Goriška Brda region in Slovenia. His production is small, bottling less than 1,000 magnums per year. Felipe doesn’t have his own vineyards nor his own cellar. He buys grapes from growers who farm organically. He also rents cellar space from a friend.