joannes protner

Joannes Protner

Protner Joannes wines are on the very top in Slovenia. Long tradition and hard work made Protner’s wine famous and recognisable all over the world. Wine tradition since 1812.

Every family has it, a tradition. The history of our farm goes back five generations. Time has taken its toll, new generations were born to whom the love of the vine is passed on. Our story has a beginning but no end. It has a signature. With each vintage, we create our own understanding of terroir, realizing that the Earth is the mother of wine, the Sun is the father, and the winemaker is Destiny.

All in all, it is a closed circle in which family energy flows. Celestrina. Mountaineer. Aquarius. Boštjan, Mojca, Ana, Katarina, Martin.

The Joannes Protner house is located five kilometers from the center of Maribor, in the direction of Malečnik.

The vineyards are up to 45 years old and flourish in three beautiful locations: Vodola, Šempetrska gorca and Celestrina. Our winery is best known for its top-quality Rhenish Rieslings, recognized both at home and around the world, Pinot Noir and sparkling wine. Our Rhine Rieslings are on the market both fresh and older, more complex, dry and semi-dry. Our cellar offers a colorful range of white, red, sparkling and rose wines. In 2019, we also obtained the Eco certificate for part of the vineyards. A further 6 ha are now under organic cultivation, and with this we are trying to start a new beginning of our existing story, we want to build on it.

We are returning to nature, which will return only the best to the vine. We believe in her. Our thoughts are with the experiences and work of our great-grandfathers, because we believe in a tradition that has been successfully passed down from generation to generation.