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The ZGONIK vineyard farm is located in Branik in the Vipava valley, where one of the best Slovenian wines is produced.

The Vipava valley lies in the west of Slovenia, near the border with Italy. The landscape is hilly and the sunny positions of these hills are ideal for growing vines. The climate is mild, Mediterranean with a hint of continental. Because of all this, the tradition of vine cultivation and wine production in this area is long and extremely rich.

The ZGONIK farm has more than a hundred years of grape and wine growing tradition, as evidenced by the preserved diploma of Jože from l. 1904, when he was awarded for the exhibited grapes and fruit.

At the end of the 80s, we decided to devote ourselves entirely to viticulture and winemaking.

We grow grapes on more than 5 hectares of vineyard land, where we have about 30,000 vines planted. Grapes for wine are grown naturally, without the use of artificial fertilizers and with as little use of pesticides as possible.

In our vineyards, 60% of white and 40% of red grape varieties are planted. The white grapes we grow are sauvignon, chardonnay, malvasia and native varieties rebula and zelen, and red wines are cabernet sauvignon and merlot. We produce varietal and cuvee wines from these grapes.

Our wines are appreciated as wines of character, of top quality, which is confirmed by numerous awards from domestic and foreign wine evaluations.