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The roots of Sanabor family estate are deeply anchored within the soil of Karst not far from a picturesque town of Štanjel (St. Daniel). A family wine production is run by the fourth generation of vintners, led by Igor and his wife Jelka. Rich red soil and thick marl are the foundation of their vine, brought to life on 15 acres of terraced vineyards on the high slopes of 340 and 420 meters between Karst and Vipava Valley.

»We are proud keepers of 50 year old vines. With hard work and soul, with years of experience and enthusiasm, year after year, we manage to obtain and cultivate the healthiest of its grapes. Always hand in hand with nature, ever-changing climate and weather, we succeed in creating sparkling wine, reflecting the richness and finesse of the great terroir we are blessed to work with. Only by treating nature with respect, we are spoiled by its quality grapes.«

Although you can meet our wines in many restaurants, we invite you to get to know them better in our home estate, in the tasting hall that will accommodate more than 30 guests. Here you are able to taste the sparkling and still wines. The wine tasting will be accompanied with exquisite dry meats from homemade prosciutto, pancetta, dried pork chops, sausages and tasty pickled vegetables. While visiting you are welcomed to view the wine cellar, vineyard and with beforehand notice, a sparkling wine production procedure.

»Where the two wine countries meet is where the Sun and Soil give birth to our vineyards. Decades of hard work and respect for nature have rewarded us with generous spoils we get to share with others. These high grounds and vineyards greet the sun where Vipava Valley takes farewell and the blush of red Karst takes over.«

The vineyards with white varietal grapes are populated by Malvazia and Chardonnay, but Rebula, Savignon and Yellow Muscat have their place too. Red varietals fill the vineyard mostly with Refosco, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% of Barbera. Currently we are producing around 10.000 bottles per year.

»Each year we pour our heart and soul into it.Years of experience and enthusiasm take to obtain the healthiest of grapes. Always hand in hand with nature we succeed in bringing up bubbles reflecting the richness and finesse of the great terroir we are blessed to work with. Only by treating nature with respect we are spoiled by its quality grapes.«

All our wines are based on carefully hand-picked grapes. Enriched by the minerals coming from the vineyards that sit on the Karst soil terra rosa, where Karst and Vipava valley discretely meet.