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With great respect and attention to nature, we carefully tend to a hundred thousand vines on the beautiful slopes of Goričko.


In the bosom of the Goričko region, above the village Mačkovci where one hardly expects anything but lush meadow and forest, lies a sight to behold – a modern wine cellar making wines the traditional way.

The roots of the current estate go back to 1905 when Hungarian nobles Szápáry built their hunting lodge here, complete with a mansion and wine cellar. A brand new, modern cellar 1,200 m2 in size was then open in September of 2009. Wines are aged in oak barrels, barriques and a few stainless steel vats, with an annual production of up to 120 thousand bottles.

The tasting room provides a brilliant view of surrounding vineyards and the natural environment. Tastings, which can be organized for up to sixty persons, can also feature a multimedia presentation.

The founder of the Marof vineyards and cellar is Stanko Polanič, entrepreneur and creator of several successful business stories that started in Prekmurje and flourished across Slovenia and beyond. A few years into the Marof story, oenologist Uroš Valcl joined the estate as a partner.


We seek moments in nature that give our wines authenticity, uniqueness and character.