For over 200 years, each and every vine and grape from our vineyard is nurtured with the same amount of love and affection.

We provide vines with friendly and steady growth with minimal pressure. As a result we get their love in the form of healthy, ripe grapes and later fine wines. We maintain the tradition of our grandparents so we remain small producers with great wines. Modern knowledge taught us how to maintain the full potential of grapes and enable their natural maturation. Thus our wines can show all the wealth that is hidden within them and ensure unforgettable moments and harmonic pleasures.

In addition to the varietal character, fullness of flavor, and harmony our wine story is significantly supplemented with tradition and rich landscape. Tradition and rich landscape give the wine a special value in culinary and tourism. Pleasure in drops of our wine is indescribable. Therefore, in MonteMoro vineyards, we carefully nurture the grapes, which will serve you with full and unforgettable flavours …

Enjoy the fruits of nature, enriched by the warmth of the sun.