Kmetija Šumenjak is a family estate in Jakobski dol, 17 km from Maribor. We cultivate 14 hectares of land, and in addition to viticulture, which is our main activity, we are also engaged in beekeeping, brandy brewing and rearing of lactating cows.
Today, our products are present all over Slovenia and also abroad, as we have worked a lot in recent years on the quality and recognition of our brand.

Eco farm
We cultivate the vineyards and other areas organically, which means that we do not use synthetic protective agents for plant protection, easily soluble mineral fertilizers, genetically modified organisms… All this enables us to farm in the long term without harmful effects on nature and the consumer.

Five hectares of the Hlapje and Počenik vineyards, known for centuries, the soil, microclimate and diligent work in the vineyard according to the guidelines of organic farming allow us to grow first-class grapes, which is a prerequisite for high-quality wines.

Philosophy of wines
Our main concern in wine production is the vineyards, as we want the microclimate, the soil and the work of the winegrower to give their stamp to the wine. We do not fertilize the vineyards, nor do we want to use herbicides and synthetic preservatives. The strain on the vines is light. We pick healthy grapes at the appropriate ripeness. The grapes are macerated depending on the variety and style of the wine, and then the fermentation and maturation of the wine is monitored more than directed, so that the wine is produced as naturally as possible.