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Once our vineyards awaken on the slopes of Ritoznoj and each grape is bursting with the sweetness of the sun, it is time for us to turn this symphony of taste into exquisite wines, whose strong character never fails to charm wine lovers.

Our deep-rooted love of nature, strong connection to the land and a deep understanding of our grapevines goes back seven generations in the Frešer family. We have been pouring our hard work, gentle cultivation and innovative passion into each drop of wine since 1832.

Our winemaking legacy begins with our great-great-great-grandfather Markus and was continued by our great-great-grandfather Leopold and our great-great-grandmother Genovefa, followed by our grandparents Štefan and Helena and parents Vladko and Tatjana. Since the beginning, our first commitment was to quality, since this is the only way we can provide our customers with the best possible product. At the same time, we are led by our respect for nature, which gives us our life and our livelihood. We rely exclusively on natural methods of vine cultivation and ecological farming approaches. This guarantees a higher quality of wine with a recognisable character that satisfies even the most discerning international buyers.

Today Matjaž and Andreja are running the farm with the help of their family. Both are gourmands at heart and appreciate the importance of accompanying fine wine with good food. In addition to our selection of wines, we also serve home-made delicacies and organise wine tastings and events for smaller private groups.