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Among the hills above Malečnik, where it is difficult to find a slope without vines and a neighbor who is not a winegrower, lies the organic farm Valentan. Valentan’s winery is four kilometers from Maribor.

“Not because it’s easier, far from it! But because we feel it is right and our responsibility. The earth is only given to us on a plate.”

The third generation of winemakers has taken responsibility for nature and directs its efforts to the production of organic wines. With respect for tradition and new skills, the young owners invest in the future of their children.

The vineyards, under the careful hands of the owners and with the help of the wind and the sun, produce healthy grapes, which are the basis of top quality organic wines. Vigilantly, like a mother to her children, the cellarer watches over his wine. Without changing it! He only directs it so that it matures from a young age and develops its full flavor.

There is no wine without food, and Styrian housewives do not let hungry guests leave the house. That’s why a richly covered table of local delicacies awaits you in wine cellar Valentan. In the old wine cellar, you will experience a real pampering of the taste buds with award-winning Valentan wines from organic production and with culinary accompaniment.