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Guerila is a boutique cellar in the Vipava Valley. Fifteen hectares of vineyards with nearly 60 thousand vines spread out over the southern positions of the Planine peaks, on a slope that is almost 400 metres above sea level. There they bathe in everyday sunshine and are constantly caressed by the slightly diminished Vipava bora wind. All vineyards have been planted in the same manner that their forefathers used to plant them centuries ago. Single Guyot cultivation form with less burdened vines. The modest “soudan” soil, flysch, carefully cultivated vineyards and the hot Primorje sun give birth to top-quality, promising, healthy and mature grapes. The annual harvest is 60 thousand bottles. They want the wine to be the source of healthy enjoyment and they like to preserve healthy nature, so all wines are produced according to the biodynamic method. All wines are fermented spontaneously. The entire estate is ecologically and biodynamically certified by Demeter and they also boast an ecological and biodynamic certificate.