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The Gjerkeš vineyard homestead is located in the Goričko Landscape Park, in the extreme northwest of Goričko, in the village of Fikšinci.
The homestead was renovated in 1995, preserving all the characteristics of a residential house from 1925. Before that, in 1992, we planted a vineyard in the most beautiful locations around the house, where Laško Riesling, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, Yellow Muscat and Pinot Gris grow.

We are focused on bottling top bottled wines, which achieve excellent results in local competitions within the winegrowers’ association, as well as in international competitions such as Vino Slovenija Gornja Radgona, Trideželni park competition, Decanter London, AWC Vienna, Chardonnay du Monde and GAST Split.

The old cellar has become too small, so in 2011 we started building a new modern cellar, which will ensure the highest hygiene standards, and the use of the most modern technologies, thus enabling us to work even better in the future.

We cultivate our vineyards according to the system of integrated production

Integrated production is a more nature-friendly method of production, which takes place under the regular supervision of control services. In integrated production, natural measures are preferred to the use of plant protection and biotechnical measures, the use of fertilizers is controlled and expertly justified on the basis of analysis of soil and plant needs, the use of plant protection products is reduced and only permitted products can be used.