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The Slamič family has always been in favor of the viticulture industry, and the Volčič family have mastered domestic animals, and we continue this today with sheep, goats and cattle that graze on the dry karst pastures.

In three vineyards we have planted approx. 4000 vines. The selected locations on which the vineyards are located give our wines a concrete expression. The oldest vineyard is planted with the Refošk variety, which is the main wine variety of the Karst wine-growing region, and in the cellar it is produced into teran wine with a recognized traditional designation (PTP). In addition to Refoško, in recent years we have restored a good part of the vineyards that are coming into fruition, so in the coming years we will expand the offer with the white wines Malvasia and Vitov Grganja. We strive to cultivate the vineyards in cooperation with nature, without the use of herbicides and insecticides, which gives our vineyard areas a lively biotic diversity. Because of this, there is more manual processing in the vineyards, which allows us to constantly monitor the quality of the crop. The load on the vines is optimized for the desired quality of the grapes, which are inspected and cleaned before harvesting, because we believe that only a quality harvest offers the production of top quality wines.