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Gordia wines were created in the village of Kolobman above Ankaran, where winemaker Andrej Cep cultivates approximately 5 ha of organically certified vineyards.

After quitting study of economics, Andrej returned to his home inn and took care of the kitchen in particular. As a curious and driven young man, his path took him to a sommelier course, where he got to know organically produced and macerated wines for the first time. This world fascinated him so much that he and his father decided to build a vineyard on a nearby bank.

Now Andrej produces all his wines in harmony with nature, the wines ferment spontaneously, and the vineyards are organically certified.

In 2021, the owl’s home was remodeled and can now offer its guests overnight accommodation. So they can enjoy carefree on the terrace, which offers a wonderful view of the Bay of Koper.

The name Gordia comes from the old local name for the village of Kolomban.