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Draga Miklus


In the early 1900s, Ivan Miklus acquired the land to be devoted to the cultivation of grapevines. With the help of his son Franz he renewed one hectare of vineyard by digging the solid land with his own hands as deep as 80 cm. Soon Franz was called for a long time in military service and after a few years he was offered to work as a commander in aviation. Even against the will of his father, he refused and chose a much harder life but which gave him more satisfaction. Working the land at that time required much more effort and sweat than today.
1950 – In this way, in a small house garage the production of wine started, first bulk and later also bottled.
In 90s the garage was enlarged and transformed in a small wine cellar and some vineyards were purchased in Draga area.
In 1992, a constant wine commerce began with the first labels named Draga. Later the grandson Milan, with a great help of his wife Anna, started to produce also wines labeled Miklus.

1996 – START OF PRODUCTION WINES IN WOODEN BARRELS – Thus, in 1997, he began the construction of the cellar with modern equipment and with much more capacity.

2006 – ORANGE WINES – Start of production wines long maceration

2012 – CLASSIC METHOD SPARKLING WINES – Start production of Classic Method Sparkling Wines


In this area the vine is present since the year 1100 and the position is ideal for viticulture. The area is sheltered from the cold of the Alps in the north and accompanied by the sea breeze of the Adriatic Sea in the south.

Our wines reflect completely the area of Collio. The company’s position is exemplary in terms of the microclimate and the characteristics of the soil, which is locally called “ponka”.

This soil consists of marl and sandstone of Eocene origin and is rich in microelements that transmit to the wines the renowned features of minerality, making them unique in the world. What is more, considerable ventilation and temperature ranges greatly contribute to the quality of grapes in this area.


Behind the brands Draga and Miklus there are people, as well as vines and fruits. Mitja, with his tireless parents Anna and Milan, who are united by their passion and experience of the generations of Miklus family, leads the company with passion and determination of the ancestors.
The vineyards are entirely covered with grass, managed with maximum respect of the environment and especially of the consumer, without the use of herbicides. The property extends around the winery in the best areas of the Collio and is divided into two plots:

Draga: The vineyards are planted in the sunniest part at an altitude of 200 meters and have always produced excellent crops.
Breg: The vineyards are planted at an altitude of 220 meters and surround the winery. They are also exposed to the sun but beaten by stronger winds, where the most resistant grapes find comfort. The grape growing methods are “Cappuccina” and “Guyot” with 4000/6000 plants per hectare. The production is very low, from 4000 to 7000 kg per hectare, in order to ensure the highest quality of the grapes. Most of the work in the vineyards, such as the grape harvest, crop thinning or the grape selection, is made by hand with respect for the tradition and especially due to the steep slopes.

Mitja: “For years we have been aiming at increasing the attention to the vineyards and grape selection, as it is from the raw material that a high quality product is made.“


Our company has been awarded several times with the eco-friendly prize. The vineyards are covered with grass and managed with low environmental impact. The wine is bottled in lightweight glass. We benefit also green energy generated by two photovoltaic systems. The rainwater is recovered in a large tank for agricultural use and for the cleaning of machinery. We are provided with a natural water spring that allows us to have independent water supply even during the drier years. Moreover, we also use the renewable energy for heating business premises obtained directly from our property.

Grandfather Franz often said: “If you respect the nature and the land, they will never betray you.“