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In 1847, Mihael and Carolina Jakončič gave new birth to their winery. They planted their first compact vineyard in Kozana and with this deed, consciously or not, chose the path for their winery. They wanted to expand the assortment of products as they felt that the winemaking of Goriška brda was becoming a profitable activity. New roads and new railways were built, and new markets were being opened. At that time nobody suspected that vineyards would be attacked by phylloxera. Wars followed that pushed the family into difficult life conditions.

The monotonous buzz of a tractor somewhere in the vineyard is the only proof that modern technology may enter the world of traditional manual work, custom and knowledge passed on from one generation to another. Experiences from days gone past direct the impatience of the young and on our winery farm we are very proud that the children and parents together care for the vineyards, winemaking and marketing.

A wisdom of winemaking is to monitor the potential of each individual vintage and variety, and at the same time to let the vintage develop its own qualities – this is the most demanding thing. At this moment books and statistics fall short, and the experience which are brought from one generation to another count most. Intergenerational passing of knowledge is not always without sparks, and so new ideas are born. For some of them you realise later that they have 100-year old roots.