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Family and tradition
In the KUNEJ family, we have been actively involved in grape and wine production for more than 130 years. The farm bears the surname KUNEJ since the distant year 1886, when great-great-grandfather Anton Kunej married the homestead in Brestanica, or at that time Rajhenburg. At that time, the farm was self-sufficient and quite extensive, they had livestock, fields and vineyards. All the owners of the farm who came after Anton, i.e. son Lojza and then grandson Anton and again great-grandson Lojza and last but not least me, the current owner Aleš, preserved and still preserve the love for the vine, vineyard work and cellaring. Of course, all this with the unfailing support of their wives.

Kunejevi currently cultivates five hectares of vineyards, which are planted in prestigious wine-growing locations in Sremič (Bizeljsko-Sremič area, Posavje wine-growing region). The vineyards are planted in prestigious locations, where they have always thrived well in terms of the ripening and health status of the grapes. Now we are really proud, because we have three prestigious vineyard sites under cultivation: Roševo, vineyard near zidanica and vineyard near stari tisi. Because of its specific location, Sremič has a special microclimate. The warm air flows from the Krško polje over the hills of Sremi and enables better ripening, while at the same time the constant breeze dries the leaves of the vine and in this way there are not so many problems with fungal diseases of the vine.

Wine Cellar
Throughout history, the Kunejes have stored wines in various locations. First, the wine cellar was located in a brick building in Sremič, right next to the vineyards, where the old stone grape press still stands today. Later, we cellared the wines in the basement of a residential building in Brestanica, and in 2000 we built a new wine cellar dug into the ground as part of the outbuilding, which provides better natural conditions for storing wine thanks to constant coolness and humidity. The current cellar has modern stainless steel equipment for processing grapes into wine and has a capacity of 80,000 liters. With the planned additional purchase of oak barrels, the capacity can be increased to 100,000 liters. The wine cellar in Brestanica also has facilities for disgorging and storing sparkling wines.