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Sanctum is the first Slovenian Burgundy winery and our pure enthusiasm for world-class chardonnay, pinot noir and syrah. Wines from the Sanctum winery bear the unique stamp of marly soil and are elegant, balanced and clean. Sanctum means “something hidden and sacred” in Latin. Our philosophy is natural, healthy wines. Wines that are produced by spontaneous fermentation and on their own indigenous yeasts, which give them the characteristic stamp of the land from which they come. We believe that the production of good wine is firmly connected with respect for the land, with the winemaker’s knowledge of sustainable production and his minimal interference with the maturation of the wine in the cellar. This is the Sanctum. We are interested in world wines and world cuisine. With knowledge and precision, Sanctum manages to produce even better vintages every year. Vintages in which the high minerality of the marly soil and the demanding aromatics of the cold climate shine without compromise.