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The Carso is my land. It represents who I am, what I do and how I think.

The Carso is life and work.

I believe in tradition and the calling of the earth. I produce wines naturally, according the concept of “vini veri” or real wines.

Benjamin Zidarich

The new wine cellar was officially inaugurated on March 7, 2009. Dug deep into the rock underneath our vineyards and built using local resources, the cellar is 20 meters (65 feet) deep with a total of five floors.
The entire wine production process takes place inside different areas the cellar, from vinification to aging to tasting: the aging room was built with stone ceilings, while the tasting room and terrace on the ground floor boast incredible views of the nearby vineyards, as well as the distant sea.
The cellar, designed by architect Paolo Meng, took almost eight years to build, most which is underground, and covers atotal of 1,200 square meters (13,000 square feet).