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Between the karst and the sea are the Sandi Skerk vineyards in Prepott and Prosecco.
Vines caressed by the sea breeze, the wind blows and hand-grown with devotion and care.
Sandi is one of the proud representatives of Karst wines, limited production with distinct territorial characteristics and tied to specific vintages.
Wines in which life and emotions flicker: each glass tells the story of wind and sun, moon and stone, silence and nature.

The Azienda Agricola Skerk lies 500 metres from the border with Slovenia in one of the most arid and difficult areas of Italy. Viticulture here is completely heroic, and this is where Sandi Skerk cultivates around six hectares of vineyards with maximum respect for nature and using ancient winemaking techniques. The plots lie 250 metres above sea level and have limestone-rich reddish and stony soils, which results in high quality wines. In short, these wines are honest, clean, flavoursome and very interesting.