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The Rojac boutique farm produces exclusively bio-organic wines from indigenous or traditional varieties, such as Refošk and Malvasia. Wines are natural – the guide in their production is a lot of meticulous work in the vineyard, where top quality grapes are born, which are only brought to a modern cellar and left their way, with minimal intervention or monitoring of development so that nature itself produces wine that can they are served to the customer – as if a bunch of grapes had been squeezed into a glass. Therefore, Rojac wines are unconventional, authentic, rich, structural and reflect the characteristics of man, the land and the area where they come from. And so it has been for 400 years since the ancestors of the Rojac family settled in Gažon, a village on the hills that rise above Izola and Koper. It will not be a coincidence that at that time, in the Venetian Republic, red wine from these places, produced in the best vintages, was called renero and taxed three times more than other wines. In fact, it is said to be a wine with healing effects that was reserved for patricians and doges in Venice.