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Where the sun sets on western Brda and where Slovenia borders on Italy, you will discover Zanut, our winery, located in a sprawling village called Neblo. It is a family-owned winery where several generations of Zanut men preserve the noble and mysterious skills of creating good wines. Today father and son (Franc and Borut) manage the family operation with great respect for nature and tradition. They bring to their love for the vineyards traditional knowledge, new skills and modern technology to create a story of excellent wines – wines with character.

Wines with character

Every wine has its own character and each one has its own a story, but all of them, without exceptions, embody the story of people and the native countryside, that is, the marl soil that feeds the vines, the blistering sun that caresses them, the hot breeze with greetings from the sea and the strong north wind (burja), which strengthens them. Reflecting the conditions of the terroir, our wines are extremely mineral and warm, rounded and strong, and full of the sun’s energy. All wines are produced from high quality grapes from our vineyards only.