Ducal cellar:

Our cellar house with tasting room, surrounded with beautiful vineyards, reflects both – traditional and modern architecture. The central part of our winery is more than a century old wine cellar. We recently upgraded the space and built a new cellar and other premises around the existing one. It comprises rooms with wooden barrels, concrete egg containers and Georgian vessels made of clay – qvevris. Since we age our sparkling wines on lees in bottles for at least two years, the cellar also boasts a special place intended for ageing our bubbles.

Wines from amphoras:

Some wines are obtained according to thousands of years old Georgian method in so-called qvevris (clay amphoras) buried in the soil. In qvevris vine grapes must ferment into wine, together with skins and everything else that grape berries hold. We leave the wine in contact with skins for eight months. After that we press and move wine to large wooden casks where they age for the next two to three years before bottling.