Wine is born in the vineyard, so the choice of location is the first and most important piece of the whole mosaic. We do not save when planning a vineyard. We mostly choose southern locations with a lot of sun and bora, where we design terraces typical of us on the slopes, but each variety has its own requirements. At 11 locations we find 3 types of soil that allow us to produce several styles of wines.

Our estate and cellar:

We are the Ferjančič family from Planina nad Ajdovščino, where we have been involved in viticulture and winemaking since 1809. Here, on the Vipava hills, where the valley separates from the Karst, there are extreme conditions, but the right conditions for the vine. The marl soils that give the wines minerality, the Vipava bora wind, which contributes freshness and the Mediterranean sun, represent the terroir of the Vipava valley. In these conditions, we cannot have much, but we can have good and that is our first principle.